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Everything you need to know ABOUT US!

It all started as a way to feed ourselves. Having grown a substantial portion of our food for many years in our gardens and orchards, selling whatever surplus we had, we decided to try raising the best tasting, most nutritious, most humanely-raised and environmentally sustainable meat we could. It was just for our family at first, then for a few appreciative friends, starting with broilers and moving on to pigs and sheep. We quickly realized how rewarding it can be to help feed people with integrity and transparency, to look folks in the eye and tell them “this is how we did it” and explain that it’s the endeavor to nourish others with our labor that keeps us going. That goal is shared by Steve Landers of Covered-L Farm, who took Noah under his wing several years ago to mentor in the grass-fed beef business and encouraged us to grow our home farm enterprise. Our partnership with Steve and his wife Sherry has been pivotal for us. 

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