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We strive to savor

the many joys of farm life

and embrace the challenges 

-the “brush and trouble”- as well.

Check out our new video snapshot of the farm!

Notes from the FARM

Our goal is to heal the land and help provide nutrition to our community while raising livestock humanely on pasture using regenerative agriculture practices.

Right now we're taking orders for pastured pork and chicken, both of which will be available in April.  Our lambs from last spring will be ready in March in time for early spring celebrations!  Sign up for our email list to learn more!

Sitting Pig

Learn more about our WORK


There’s seldom a dull moment raising animals on pasture. Click

here to learn more about our practices and products. Follow us

on Facebook for periodic postings about our day to day



Not much gets wasted on the farm! Click here to learn more

about Jen’s home-cured sheepskin throws and functional wheel-

thrown pottery.


Farm life isn’t complete without a little front porch pickin’ and

grinnin’ after a hard day’s work. Click here to learn more about

Noah’s made-up tunes and the songster side of life!

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